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One of the most common questions I am asked during the ConnectedPE workshops when looking at the vast array of mobile video analysis apps is “How Can I Analyse a YouTube Clip?”. This has at times been a difficult question to answer and often resulted in a 20 step process which inevitably results in most users giving up on the process.

However recently some interesting mobile apps have surfaced that provide this feature in the most simplest of means opening up a vast array of possibilities in the PE Classroom. The video below will highlight just some of these in action using the exceptional app iCab Mobile & Coach’s Eye

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How else could you see the the iCab App building capacity within your classroom?

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  1. Hi Jarrod, After listening to your dec 10 post, had success late last year downloading a YouTube clip from iCab and importing it into ubersense. This was some thing I was searching for 6 mths or so. But alas, for the start of the school year I have been unable to do the same. The play button in the middle of the screen does not appear so I cannot find the drop down box with the option to download the clip. Can you help!!!! Or suggest another way to upload YouTube videos into ubersense?


  2. Unfortunately the feature has been removed from the app, which is probably in accordance with the apple developer guidelines which they may have experienced some legal issues with. Alternatives include the Vdownloader app, have you seen it

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