Projecting Your iPad/iPhone to a Larger Screen

With the plethora of amazing apps now available I commonly get asked how to project the content of an iPhone or iPad onto a larger screen for group sharing. Here’s how to make it possible.

1) Apple TV – With access to an Apple TV unit and an modern day TV with HDMI connection, users can wirelessly project their devices screen onto the TV. The only requirement is that both devices are connected to the same WiFi connection or alternatively that the Apple TV is connected via an Ethernet cord.

2) Reflection App for Mac – This cool software enables Mac users to wirelessly stream their iPhone/iPad contents directly to their Mac computer. The only requirement is that both devices are connected to the same WiFi connection. You can then easily connect your Mac to an external display and you are free to move around the gymnasium while the content is displayed. This is awesome for for use with apps like CoachPad and RipDeck


3) AirServer – Works the same as the Reflection app above, however also available for use on Windows PC’s. (Thanks to those who informed me of this great alternative)

4) VGA Cable – Allows you to mirror everything on your iPad or iPhone 4S screen to an external projector. This is a simple solution for most schools given the access to projectors that  most schools have.

5) HDMI cable – Use this adapter to connect your iPad/iPhone 4s directly to a modern TV. If your TV is mountable, or even better portable on a trolley, then you can easily use it to conduct everything from video analysis to score boards in your Gymnasium.

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