Behaviour Management – Class Dojo & QR Codes

This year I am teaching year 5 and 6 Physical Education, which has been an amazingly enjoyable experience dealing with students who are so enthusiastic about everything they do in class.

However at times the younger students have shown the need to improve there conflict resolution, teamwork, co-operation, sportsmanship and general behaviour. Here are some of the tools I have used to promote these interpersonal skills.

Class Dojo – This superb website enables you to set up your classes and develop both positive and negative virtual badges that can be given out during your classes.  Students are then awarded with these badges based on the actions and behaviour they exhibit within a given session. For me the awarding of badges is done via the mobile website by simply visiting from my iPhone. Students are then able to view the latest activity and badges they have received via the laptop monitor/projector during class intermissions and breaks.

Class Dojo although simple, is a highly effective that has helped shape positive actions and relationships within the practical PE sessions.

QR Code Posters – After producing an A4 poster with 20 different numbered text based QR Codes on the sheet, students then scan a code with the class iPad when they are offered praise or feedback. For example, a student will be asked to scan code 5, which will reveal a text or audio based feedback from their teacher, such as “Well done, you have mastered todays skill”. A simple yet novel and fun method of sharing feedback & praise with students in a PE class.

Paper Scissors Rock – Conflict resolution at its best. Students arguing? Solve the problem with a quick paper scissors rock game and move on

So what do you do to instill these important behaviours in your PE Class?

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