Top ‘Apps’ for PE Teachers – Part 6

Coaches Eye

Just when I thought Video Analysis on iOS devices couldn’t get any better it does with this nifty little app making analysis a breeze. After seeing a demo on YouTube a few weeks ago, I was super excited for its release. Simply point to record your desired sports action or choose existing video footage. You are then able to review the video frame by frame, draw and highlight points of interest and best yet you can record a narration over the top of the video further emphasising points of interest. The other exciting feature is automatic system that shows you which videos have been reviewed and which are still waiting. Perfect for teachers and assessment. This is a must have app at .99 cents.


A superb match analysis app from Dr Grant Abt and Dr Lee Nelson. Any combination of Player, Location, Action, Time and Outcome (PLATO) can be recorded. PLATOSPORT also allows you to graph the results directly on your device and then share them by email. Have injured students complete intense analysis. Will be using this FOR sure during VCE PE next year. A must have

iMotion HD

A free application that makes stop motion animation dead simple. Use it an PE.  Class to complete a time lapsed lesson. How about stop motion dancing? or using it to breakdown a sports skill.

Inhaler Tracker

A simple app that allows you to track when inhalers are due to run out. Designed to be quick and easy, you simply add the inhalers that you use and whenever you take a dose, you simply run the application and tap the entry for the corresponding inhaler. The remaining medication in each inhaler is clearly displayed to help you to anticipate when an inhaler will need replacing


A free application that allows users to log statistical information during games/activity. Teachers can define skills that they would like to observe, add players and then rate those skills and actions on a scale of “Bad” to “Good”. A great way to determine individual strengths and weaknesses.

PowerChalk 10 second telestrator

A free video analysis app that allows for 10 second skills recording with pausing, rewinding, slow motion, markups and voice overs. The final analysis can then be shared to the PowerChalk website

PE Apps

An index of all of the latest apps appropriate for Phys Ed classes into one easy to use app. The app also provides users with a series of classroom based activities.

Just Dance 3 AutoDance

Heaps of fun for free. Simply record your friends doing stuff and the Autodance app will sync their movements to a choice of dance tracks. The app then pieces your actions together with the music to produce a unique dance video.


The best pedometer app I have seen with the ability to track steps via the accelerometer or GPS. It also incorporates a Heart Rate feature,  pacer, calorie counter and playlist integration. A must have free app.

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