Accelerometers In Schools

Accelerometers have long been a pipe dream in schools given there high price tags and use of speciality equipment. This is a problem for PE teachers in Victoria when it comes to teaching and meeting the following curriculum outcome.

” an understanding of subjective and objective methods of assessing physical activity and sedentary behaviour, including recall surveys or diaries, pedometry, accelerometry and observational tools, in relation to the National Physical Activity Guidelines”

In a subject that is heavily practical based, it meant that students never really get to explore accelerometry unless they visited a university . This ultimately meant that students rarely get the chance to experience the benefits of measuring Physical Activity with this device.

The great thing about advancements in mobile technology is that accelerometers in schools are now a complete reality.  Check out the video demonstration below;

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Heres how it works

  1. Download and install the free iPod touch/iPhone application called ‘Context Logger’
  2. Run the application and complete physical activity etc
  3. Send the accelerometer record to your computer via the applications internal upload system

Once the accelerometer record is on your computer;

  1. Run ‘Context Logger Analyzer 1.0’ shown in the video demonstration above
  2. Open the accelerometer record
  3. Run playback of data/Graph data etc

You can even take it the next step by filming the physical activity that you are recording with the ‘context logger’ application and syncing this to the data, allowing for an intense analysis of movement.This tool would also be an excellent addition to any science or physics classes

If you are interested in receiving an email when the software and student worksheets are ready for delivery, then register your interest on the online form here and you will receive a discount price of $30.

4 thoughts on “Accelerometers In Schools”

  1. Easily use the software to teach
    – Energy systems
    – Intensity/duration concepts
    – Measuring devices
    -National Physical Activity Guidelines
    – Sedentary Behaviour

    and much much more

    or use it in a Science/Physics Class to learn about
    -x,y,z planes
    – newtons laws
    – gravity etc

  2. Hi! My name is Lee Hughes and I am a student in Dr. Srange’s EDM 310 class a the University of South Alabama. This is a great learning tool, and I think it will be very helpful in classrooms. My father is a robotics teacher at the middle school he teaches at, and he is having trouble trying to find easy way for his students visualize G-forces, acceleration, etc. Since I have shown him this he is now able to better explain the concept to his students.

  3. Hi, my name is Jennifer and I am a student at University of South Alabama in Dr. Strange’s EDM310 class. When I was assigned to read your blog, I was wondering what kind of content your blog would contain. Several P.E. majors that are in EDM have stated that they probably won’t be using what we are learning in this class. You are proof that technology and P.E. are compatible with eachother! In regard to this post, I must confess my ignorance of accelerometers. Thanks to google, I found a satisfactory definition and then returned to your article. Thanks to your passion for technology, your students now can have access to an accelerometer. I am curious to know what the students think about it, if they have taken it upon themselves to get the app. Also, before you found this app, how did you teach the objective in your curriculum, ” an understanding of subjective and objective methods of assessing physical activity and sedentary behaviour, including recall surveys or diaries, pedometry, accelerometry and observational tools, in relation to the National Physical Activity Guidelines”?

  4. Jennifer, thanks for the comment. its great to see the EDM310 class using technology within their learning. Its disappointing to hear that the PE Majors see no value in tech integration as the reality is that there are hundreds of ways it can be incorporated to improve learning outcomes and motor skill development. Accelerometers are certainly something that have potential to allow intense measurment of physical activity. Here in australia, there is a heavy sports science focus in our senior curriculum and until now this aspect of the course that dealt with accelerometry was taught purely through theoretical means. Thankfully there are now alternatives. Keep up the great work in the EDM310 class. Your professor Dr Strange is indeed a very in tune man

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