Straight From the Horses Mouth

Twitter is indeed a place for rich and timely information, so with this in mind I decided to search to see what people were saying about Physical Education. Using Twitter Search I searched for tweets containing either;

  • pdhpe
  • phys ed
  • pe

There was quite an extensive list of people who were mostly students. It proved to be a very interesting and positive read, however  a couple that stood out where the following;

These two tweets make it obvious that many Physical Educators are still teaching this subject in a very traditional sense. Therefore the challenge is to work out how to engage all students, not just those who are sports minded…..

No student should hate Physical Education.

1 thought on “Straight From the Horses Mouth”

  1. How does the first tweet show that they hate it because it is taught in a ‘traditional’ sense? They may hate it because they are using technology!

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