Could We have Done This 3 Years Ago?

Today I stumbled across an amazing video on Youtube of an Eminem concert. Now your probably thinking, whats so amazing about that? Well the fact is that the concert was never been commercially filmed. So after a bit of investigation I soon found that the video I was suprised to be watching, had been spliced together by a very talented young kid. To put it as simple as possible, he basically searched Youtube for any videos of the concert that had been filmed using cell phones. In his searches he found videos from all angles, and points of view from all of the songs within the concert. He then downloaded them from Youtube and began to piece them all together in time with a CD Quality audio release of the concert. I think you will agree the final product is nothing short of incredible.

View It here

Proof that those tiny little devices we carry in our pockets, allow us to do amazing things. So why do we continue to deny students the opportunity to create original content with them?

So what does the ability  to remix and recreate content mean for education? Could we have done something like this 3 year ago? What else could we not have done 3 years ago?

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