Watching My Classes Heart Beat

In year 7 Physical Education we are learning about the different body systems that allow us to complete physical activity. This week we started looking at the role the circulatory system has in the body with a focus on heart rate and what happens during exercise to allow us too participate. To demonstrate this I decided to complete an activity in a Google docs spreadsheet that would graph the change in heart rate over a period of time. This is what we did:


The kids simply loved it and with the data being displayed visually, we were able to enter a much deep conversation about how heart rate is effected by physical activity. For a step by step run down of how I set it up you can check below.

1 – Created a Google doc spreadsheet that had all students in the class and 5 columns for them to enter in they heart rates at 5 different intervals.
2 – Created a graph on a separate sheet that would pull down all of the data from the 5 columns and display it as a line graph.
3– Then sent this document to all of the students via their Gmail accounts.
4 – Each student logged in on a computer and opened the spreadsheet and found their names.
5– We started by taking a resting heart rate using the radial/carotoid pulse and entered this into the ‘pulse 1’ column.
6 – We then moved outside and completed a harvard step test for 3mins with the whole class working at the same intensity and with the same timing of up and down steps.
7 – We then took our pulse and entered this into the ‘pulse 2’ column. The students then directed their attention to the Interactive Whiteboard which was displaying the graph and watched as it updated in real time
8– Finally we went on to complete 3 more heart rate readings at different stages such as 1 minute, 3 minute and 5minutes after the harvard step test and entered these into the appropriate columns.

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