QR Code Orienteering



Today during lunch time I helped my students setup QR code readers on their mobile phones in preparation for an activity they will be completing in the coming weeks within my Outdoor Education class. In order to study the safety aspects and risk taking factors that need to be considered before completing outdoor activities, the students will be completing an orienteering course using their bikes as a form of transportation. However this is no ordinary course, here’s why…

  1. The students will be working in pairs using their mobile phones and their QR code reading software.
  2. The course will start with a single QR code, each pair will receive a different code so that they start at a different part of the course.
  3. Students will scan their codes which will then reveal the directions they need to dial into their compasses and a riddle that gives clues as to the location of the first marker and the next QR code.
  4. Half way throughout the course is a QR code with a difference, it contains a template for an SMS message that links directly to my mobile phone. Once scanned the students will send a text message that basically asks for the next clue, which will then be sent to them so they can complete the course.
  5. The final QR code links to a downloadable Microsoft word document that details the questions they need to complete around the practical experience as related to the course.

The kids are already super excited about this activity and are looking forward to the challenge of not only deciphering the QR codes but the riddles contained within them. To generate the QR codes I used the google generator then copied them into a word document that you can download here.

If you have any questions about QR codes or any great ideas you would like to share let me know. Id love to hear how you plan to use them in your classes.

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