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EP5 – Swimming With an iPad

After a whirlwind workshop series throughout Asia, I’m back with a new episode focusing on all the latest tools & apps finding there way into the PE Classroom. In this episode, we explore the incredible app ‘Book Creator‘ and how it works as as a portfolio tool. We test the Active Gaming app Pop Flux with a group of young students and finally discuss the new app Jump It. Later on in the episode we talk about how a school in Shanghai, China have been using the iPad in the PE classroom fully immersed in water, with incredible results.  As always we finish with a PE Teacher on Twitter, one of the original #pegeeks, who’s contributed extensively to the community over the years.



Got a burning tech and PE question you want answered in the next episode? Drop us a Voicemail by visiting www.thepegeek.com/voicemail .

Press Play below to listen or visit the podcast page here

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3 Responses

  1. Mr. Robbo, Hey Kristy again from the University of South Alabama. This post was very interesting to me. I cant wait to be a PE teacher but I am not a huge fan of technology. Your post ave been very helpful to me to see the importance to using some technology in the classroom. All of these different apps that you find to help us future PE teachers are great. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Hi! My name is Samantha and I attend the University of South Alabama. I really enjoyed your podcast. I just want to say thank you for making a site such as this for teachers. Sometimes using technology in a physical education class can be difficult, but with the different apps you share with us we will be able to apply them to our future classes. I believe that Pop Flux is my favorite out of the three. This app is not only helpful for the students to learn, but it also can help a PE teacher keep the students entertained on a rainy day. Thank you for sharing your post.

    • Thanks for the comment Samantha. Good luck with your PE Journey. Technology can certainly have a very powerful role in the classroom.

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