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Free Video Analysis w Kinovea

In recent years I have been recommending the free and open source video analysis software “Kinovea” to PE faculties that have limited funds. The software although 100% free, is really quite powerful allowing deep analysis of movement with a combination of tools. Popular features inside of the software include;

  • The ability to compare and¬†synchronise¬†two videos side by side
  • Annotate videos with drawings tools and text comments
  • Video and Image Magnifiers as well as Trajectory mapping
  • ….and much more

To download and test out the software, simply visit the following website here

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2 Responses

  1. Kinovea is only available for windows PC

  2. I used Kinovea with my 10,11 year old pupils. They found it very user friendly. Adapted well to using the tools.

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