Top Apps for PE Teachers – Part 48

Classroom Roulette

There is no question that mystery and the “unknown” are powerful agents for classroom engagement. This is why I love the Classroom roulette app, a simple spinning wheel that will help to spice up your classes with truly random selections.
You can use it to configure your own lists with students, activities, questions, reflections names or any other combination.
The possibilities are literally Endless!

See it in action in the video below;

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Sweat Deck

Sweat Deck is a deck of cards exercise app for iPhone & iPad that will help you mix up your fitness routine with an endless combination of simple & effective workouts!

It’s simple: Assign an exercise to each suit & perform them as cards are drawn from the deck – the card’s value represents how many reps of the exercise to do.

Sweat Deck is also a quick & casual way to add a bit more exercise into a Physical Education session. You can even connect your device to a Big Screen to make the activity available to all of your students.


Imagine if you had a mobile app that let you shoot multi camera angle videos automatically? Well, now you do!

Creating multi-camera video stories used to be just for the pro’s and video editing fanatics. But now with GroupClip everyone can create compelling multi-angle video stories and edit them into multiframe video and image mash-up clips in just minutes.

How does GroupClip work?
– Login
– Invite up to four friends to start a simultaneous recording
– Works on Wi-Fi and cellular data (3G/4G)
– All footage is automatically synchronized in the cloud
– Edit the synchronized video clips directly in the app
– All co-recorders can create their own version of the video
– Tap on the time lines to (de)activate the parts you want to show
– Add photos, music and new video
– Use one of the many standard multi-frame templates
– Easily drag and drop clips into the position you want
– Directly share your video on your social media
– You can also create single user video and image mash-up clips

How can you use this in PhysEd?

  1. Create multi angle skill videos
  2. Record high quality footage of team activities
  3. Add a video crew into a Sports Education unit
  4. Engaged injured students


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