Converting YouTube Videos into Animated GIF’s

Over the last few years we’ve seen a huge resurgence of animated GIFs in popular culture, with meme’s and hilarious cat loops leading the way. They’ve clearly grown to become a new age visual medium which is super effective at communicating bite sized pieces in information in our various channels.

With this in mind, we’ve noticed a HUGE uptake in the number of teachers using animated GIF’s in their instruction. As a result we’ve had an influx of questions and requests for resources and we thought we’d start by showcasing just how easy it is to generate your own Animated GIF’s using YouTube clips.

See this in action in the video below;

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Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to generate your own GIF’s using YouTube videos as the source – my question is what will you do with them? How could they fall into your practice and instruction?

Want some help to take it to the next level?

Then join 1000+ PE Teachers from around the world inside the ConnectedPE Community and gain access to the ‘Animated GIF’s in PhysED Course‘. In this course we’ll demonstrate the power of animated GIFs in the Physical Education practical & theory based classroom. Throughout the course you’ll learn the following;

  1. What Animated GIFs are
  2. How to create your own Animated GIFs using a range of apps & websites
  3. How to create your own from YouTube & other online videos
  4. Different ways to use animated GIFs in your PE classes
  5. Much More

You can also browse the 100+ hours of on demand courses on offer inside ConnectedPE right here

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