Top Apps for PE Teachers – Part 47

Classroom Badges

Badge Maker is an incredible mobile app that brings badges and gamification tools to your classroom in a seamless manner.  With the app you can create unlimited badges with endless combinations of shapes, ribbons, icons and images. However it really takes it to the next level by making it drop dead easy to assign these badges and points to students and publish results in Google Classroom, as a PDF report by e-mail.

See it in action in the video demo below;

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Over the last 8+ years I’ve been repeatably asked about stopwatch style apps which can time multiple students through the completion of various tasks. However, we’ve never really had a perfect solution that works with large groups….. this changes now with Stopwatch M.

This is simple, straight-forward app makes it dead easy to have multiple stopwatches in a single list.

– add as many stopwatches as you want
– start, stop, reset, delete, and email results on all stopwatches at the same time
– customize the stopwatch with a title and color
– manually re-arrange the order of the stopwatch
– stopwatches can go up to 999 days
– email stopwatch and lap times
– option to disable your phone from auto-locking or idling while active
– show the last lap time and total time to lap
– option for confirmation for resetting stopwatches

What’s My Vertical

Over the last few years I’ve written about different apps that you can utilise to complete vertical jump testing, so it’s great to be able to introduce a new entry into the group. What’s My Vertical originally started as a web based tool & is now available for iOS. See it in action in the video below;

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What apps are you currently using? Leave a comment letting me know how.

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