Top Apps for PE Teachers – Part 46


From the incredible team behind the app ‘iDoceo’ comes this brand new Team Generation app that is without a doubt the most feature packed in its niche. Simply start by Import students from a CSV/XLS file, from Google Classroom, from your contacts, from iDoceo and have your teams ready right away. Take a look at it in action below;

[arve url=”” title=”Using Classroom Teammates App in PE” /]

 Some of my favourite features


  1. Universal app. Syncs automatically between your devices sharing the same Apple ID. This means that a PE Department could setup all devices with the same account and then access the class lists and data for simple team generation.
  2. Drag and Drop students between teams after random creation
  3. Easily Apply different criteria for group generation: gender, compatible, incompatible players and strength
  4. Create, print, e-mail your teams in PDF


Cloud QR

Anyone who reads this blog knows I’m a massive fan of QR Codes and their potential for simplifying offline access to online content. While we’ve shown numerous times how to create QR codes in seconds on websites such as it becomes a little more tricky when you plan to connect the QR Codes to media such as your own videos, audio files or images.

This is why I LOVE the app Cloud QR, as it automates the creation of more complex media driven QR Codes. See it in action below;

[arve url=”” align=”center” title=”Using QR Codes in Physical Education” /]

To illustrate the point even further lets take a look at the process to turn your own Video into a QR Code WITHOUT the Cloud QR app.


  1. Film the video
  2. Upload to a Cloud Based tool such as Dropbox or Google Drive
  3. Copy paste a link to the file
  4. Create a QR Code out of the link at a site like

While the above is certainly something that is not too difficult to achieve, here is the process in Cloud QR.

  1. Film the video
  2. Use the ‘Video Library’ option in Cloud QR
  3. Done


At least once a week I get asked questions about apps useful for tournament or bracket creation. While there are certainly no shortage of options, Bracket is a simple solution that serves its purpose. Easily use it to sort similar brackets by categories, and share brackets with people via email and social networks. I recently used the app to generate a tennis tournament competition with a group of friends.


What apps are you currently using? Leave a comment letting me know how.

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