The 2017 ConnectedPE Conference

The ConnectedPE Conference debuted in 2016 with 160 attendees from 29 countries, cementing its place in the yearly event calendar. The best part about the event was how well it was received by attendees from all over the globe. See what people had to say below;

In 2017, we’re returning with a continued dedication to providing you with nothing but the highest quality professional development. This is your chance to get together with other Physical Education Teachers & Sports Teachers. Plus the opportunity to learn from the worlds best and most innovative physical education specialists.

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Who’s Presenting at ConnectedPE 2017

We’ve stopped at nothing to bring you a collection of inspiring Physical Education specialists from a variety of backgrounds and contexts. These include world renowned academics & innovative classroom practitioners who’ve proven they can ‘walk the talk’.

1. Dr Shane Pill  Australia
2. Jo Bailey – U.S.A
3. Dr Vicky Goodyear – U.K
4. Tracy Lockwood – Canada
5. Dale Sidebottom – Australia
6. Carl Condliffe – 
New Zealand
7. Jace Ferguson – U.A.E
8. Ilse Fullarton –  U.K
9. Jarrod Robinson – Australia
10. Andy Vasily – 
 Saudi Arabia

Want to Present?

Want to present a 45 Minute Session at the ConnectedPE Conference? We’re looking for Physical Education Teachers just like you, who are willing to spread their knowledge. Accepted presentations will receive a $100 discount for conference registration. Discounts can be accumulated for each unique presentation accepted. Acceptances will occur on a rolling basis starting 2017 until closed. So if you are interested in presenting, please submit your applications below

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 Is ConnectedPE available online for those who’ve cannot make it?

All of the keynotes and conference resources will be available inside of the ConnectedPE Community forums. Those inside will have the opportunity to follow along via the LIVE streams or recordings even if they cannot make it to Dubai. You can join now at

As you can see from the above the world’s leading Physical Education specialists will converge in Dubai providing you with thought provoking keynotes & masterclass sessions. However, unlike other ‘cookie cutter‘ conferences, we focus our attention not just on the days of the event, but also in the lead-up and follow-up to the event. This all kicks off with our extensive pre conference webinar series enabling you to start learning straight away & continue it long after the event has finished.

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