Using GPS to Craft an Active Learning Adventure

One of the earliest ways I used tech in PE classroom revolved around the use of GPS Handsets that let me take students on a revision adventure around their school to revise for a major assessment. The year was 2009 & although the student engagement was incredibly high, it was a major technical hurdle to bring this to life on a regular basis.

Flash forward to 2016 & our capacity to craft GPS based experiences for our students has become so much easier to achieve through the utilisation of widely available mobile devices such as iPhones & Androids. So with this in mind I wanted to bring to life a solution that made it super easy to craft GPS bases learning adventures for your students.

Introducing Custom Monsters in Monsuta Fitness

Imagine a game that enabled you to place virtual monsters in your school or local town that your students had to hunt down with their iPhone or Android devices. Sounds like fun? You bet it is & best of all we have a collection of Monsutas, which you can customise with your own activities or directions or even revision questions. This presents an opportunity for you to create a scavenger hunt or learning adventure that your students physically have to move around to answer & complete. See it in action in the video below;


Here’s how you could use it;

  1. Place Monsters around your school that ask revision questions around current topics or learning
  2. Use Monsters to create a virtual tour of your school for incoming student cohorts
  3. Place Monsters at historical landmarks revealing what took place in that location
  4. Use it as part of an orienteering or adventure unit
  5. Plus many other ways….

If you want to see in more detail about how exactly Monsuta Fitness & in particular the custom monsters work, then I encourage you to check out the link below;

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