The 2016 World Technology in PE Audit

One of my favourite parts of The PE Geek Workshops is finding out exactly what devices, and access to Technology PE Teachers all around the globe have. I ask these questions and use the information to cater the workshop to the participants in the best possible way, ensuring they walk away with the most actionable content possible, realistic of their situations.

So with this in mind, I wanted to take these questions to a whole new scale and find out exactly what you, the readers of this blog have access to in your PE classroom. How do you rate your use of Technology in Physical Education? How supportive is your school and your colleagues? All of these questions will be answered, and the results will be shared with all those who participate, allowing us to create a global snapshot of Technology & Physical Education Integration. You can then use these results to generate discussion in your school or reaffirm the direction your taking.

Also to entice everyone to participate in the survey, not only will you get access to the results, but I’m also giving away an Apple iPad Mini 2 to one lucky responder.


The Apple iPad Mini 2 will be drawn December 10th, 2016. So what are you waiting for, lets find out what teacher’s all over the world do, and have access to.

Simply complete the survey below


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