Top Apps for PE Teachers – Part 45

QR Stopwatch

Recently Kevin Tiller shared this powerful little timing app that utilises QR Codes to start & stop a timer. Essentially all you have to do is hold the QR code in front of the scanner. The app will then automatically generate your name and a new individual stopwatch will be started for the QR Code you scan. If you scan the code again, the timer stops. It’s also possible to resume the same watch again. Once all timers have finished you can generate an email report that contains the rankings.

One of the best features is the apps QR Code generator tool which you can use to generate the QR Code ID cards which you can then print and save. Each QR code is embedded in a student ID card in a credit card size (See Below).

How Can You Use QR Stopwatch?

  1. Create a QR Code for each student in your class to assist them with timing individual running activities
  2. Create Team based QR Codes and track the time needed to complete relay races or problem solving activities
  3. Have students clock in and out on given tasks


This amazing app enables you to shoot strobe effect videos in a matter of seconds. Simply record up to 5 seconds of video and it will automatically convert it into an motion sequence video that will blow your mind. Take a look at the example shared by Adriann Defraeije which is by far the best example I’ve seen from the app.



Tips for Getting the Best Results
1) Keep the camera as still as possible. In cases where the camera needs to follow an action, move the camera slowly and no more than 45 degrees.
2) Keep the background as simple as possible, such as a wall with one solid colour
3) Because actions performed in place will overlap, objects and actions being recorded should move across the video frame.


A super collection of Fitness Resources compiled by Dale Sidebottom. FitBreak contains fun, interactive, game based activities to suit participants in fitness sessions and classrooms, ranging from short warm-up activities, to full 45 minute sessions based on popular TV shows and board games from around the world. Yahtzee, Monopoly, Auction Hunters, Deal or No Deal, Chinese checkers, Cluedo and Blackjack fitness are just some examples that have been turned into fitness sessions, to engage people of all ages and ability levels.

Have an app that I should share on the next top apps for PE Teachers series? Then leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to take a look. Check out the other top app lists here.

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