The Gamification, Technology & PhysED Webinar

Join me for a FREE 60-minute webinar with a certificate of completion, focusing on the concept of Gamification & the role it plays in driving human behaviour. In particular, we explore real-world gamified examples, as well as those directly connected with Physical Education.

During this webinar you’ll learn;

1. What Gamification Is
2. The Octalysis Framework & how to leverage it to create gamified experiences
3. How games & Gamification are changing lives around the globe
4. Real-world examples of Gamification in action
5. How Gamification is impacting personal productivity
6. Education specific examples of Gamification
7. Ways to incorporate Gamification into your PE programs

Wondering if this webinar is for you? If you are a Physical Education Teacher of students at any age level and you want to understand how to drive massive change in your students, then this is for  ”

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