Turn Your School into a Fitness Adventure

Imagine a game that enabled you to place virtual monsters in your school or local town that your students had to hunt down with their iPhone or Android Device and battle with exercise. Sounds like fun?

Well, we’ve been busy over the last few months bringing to life exactly this – we’re calling it ‘Monsuta Fitness‘. 

Imagine your students competing inside the walls of your school to become the leading Monsuta catcher? Best of all they actually have to move to hunt them down and complete prescribed exercises & movements, set by you to catch them.

We’ve also locked the game down giving you full control of monster placement via the School Portal. This means you can drag and drop monsters wherever you like and have them hunted ONLY by your students. It’s like your own PRIVATE Game just for your school. You Keep Control at all times.



Meet some of the Monsutas Above

You have the ability to place over 100 different Monsutas, each of which are tied to a unique exercise or action. For example

1. Want to catch a ‘Zebsy’, then get down and do some Burpees
2. Want to catch a ‘Gotsa’, then drop and give me 10 pushups

The list goes on and includes cardio, strength, flexibility, yoga & pilates style activities & much more. The point value of each monster also aligns with the number of reps or sets you choose. The more points it’s worth, the harder you need to work out

Best of all we have a collection of Monsutas, which you can customise with your own activities or directions or even revision questions.

Other Features

Search for your school or area on a Google Map dropping the monsters where you desire. It’s up to you

Create & revoke student accounts in seconds
Choose the monster type and exercise, activity & number of reps needed to catch them
4. Receive weekly email reports on student progress in the game and push notifications during after hours activity
5. plus much much more

Sound like fun? You bet it is, we’e been busy playing Monsuta during our testing phase and you, your students & your school community are going to love this exciting way to get active.

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