Turn Your School into a Fitness Adventure

Imagine a game that enabled you to place virtual monsters in your school or local town that your students had to hunt down with their iPhone or Android Device and battle with exercise. Sounds like fun?

Well, we’ve been busy over the last few months bringing to life exactly this – we’re calling it ‘Monsuta Fitness‘. 

Imagine your students competing inside the walls of your school to become the leading Monsuta catcher? Best of all they actually have to move to hunt them down and complete prescribed exercises & movements, set by you to catch them.

We’ve also locked the game down giving you full control of monster placement via the School Portal. This means you can drag and drop monsters wherever you like and have them hunted ONLY by your students. It’s like your own PRIVATE Game just for your school. You Keep Control at all times.



Meet some of the Monsutas Above

You have the ability to place over 100 different Monsutas, each of which are tied to a unique exercise or action. For example

1. Want to catch a ‘Zebsy’, then get down and do some Burpees
2. Want to catch a ‘Gotsa’, then drop and give me 10 pushups

The list goes on and includes cardio, strength, flexibility, yoga & pilates style activities & much more. The point value of each monster also aligns with the number of reps or sets you choose. The more points it’s worth, the harder you need to work out

Best of all we have a collection of Monsutas, which you can customise with your own activities or directions or even revision questions.

Other Features

Search for your school or area on a Google Map dropping the monsters where you desire. It’s up to you

Create & revoke student accounts in seconds
Choose the monster type and exercise, activity & number of reps needed to catch them
4. Receive weekly email reports on student progress in the game and push notifications during after hours activity
5. plus much much more

Sound like fun? You bet it is, we’e been busy playing Monsuta during our testing phase and you, your students & your school community are going to love this exciting way to get active.

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28 thoughts on “Turn Your School into a Fitness Adventure”

  1. This involves students physically moving around the world with their internet connected device catching monsutas

  2. Is the current pricing of $99 only available prior to the release of the program? Is it then $99 per year for the life of the subscription or $99 in the first year, then $250 a year for the life of the subscription?

  3. Hey Paul – it locks in the $99 rate for as long as you remain active – it’s a permanent 60% saving

  4. Can you be specific with where you drop Monsutas inside your school? Do you have the ability to drop them in specific areas like gyms and weight rooms?

  5. What devices will it be compatible with? Can you have more than 1 hunt going on at a time (for different grade levels)?

  6. How does it know if the student actually completes the exercise? I know my students will try to cheat.

  7. Same question as several others – how does the game recognise that students have actually completed the prescribed activity? Without this, the whole thing relies on student honesty (a lovely ideal, but not realistic for a whole class) or the teacher being able to simultaneously view all monsuta locations to hold kids accountable…

  8. No means to track this at all; its up to students and the environment you set/expectations. So its like any activity you set in your class, open to cheating. Down the road we might implement tracking monitors with a Fitbit, but even then you could still cheat.

  9. Thanks for the email. In all honestly you wont know – it becomes like any other activity you would prescribe to students in a classroom setting.

  10. Thanks for the email. In all honestly you wont know – it becomes like any other activity you would prescribe to students in a classroom setting.

  11. Check a google map of your school; what you see there are the locations you have to play with. You wont be able to place them accurately in building as you cannot see through the roof

  12. Hi there – it was for the first two weeks of pre sale now $129 for another 4 days then rising to $159 until the final launch price

  13. In the description above it says I can place virtual monsters in my school. So you are saying I will not be able to do this?

  14. Thanks for the demo link. Definitely cleared things up for me. Love the custom monsters and being able to add questions too. Looking forward to using this with my students. What a great idea this was.

  15. This is an awesome idea! With Pokemon Go being as huge as it is right now, this would be an excellent way to get kids excited. This could be something fun you could turn into a whole school thing including teachers and students. There are a lot of ways I could see this working.

  16. Steve – seeing as they will all have mobile devices you could send them off in pairs and have them video each other completing each of the tasks. They could peer check these when they get back on a checklist to ensure no one cheated? Thats how I would do it.

  17. Chris – have them record themselves doing the exercises at each monster – they’ll have a mobile device with them… they can peer check when they get back at the end?

  18. What if i just need this for a couple months for a class project that i have going on and we had to find an activity?

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