Planning for Purposeful Tech Use in PhysED Webinar

As a follow on from the recent blog post in which I outlined my tech integration lesson plan template, I’ve decided to piece together a brand new webinar taking this important concept even deeper. The webinar comes from my experiences working with teachers all over the planet, helping them to get meaningful traction with technology in their programs. Best of all, its 100% FREE and available NOW. All those who complete the FULL webinar will also receive a personalised certificate crediting them for 45 minutes of professional development.

So what does the webinar include?

  1. Why you should consider using Technology in PhysED
  2. Common mistakes teachers make when using Technology in PhysED
  3. Valuable lessons that help with a successful integration
  4. Why following frameworks and templates works
  5. What the SAMR Model is and why using it will lead to more purposeful tech usage
  6. A lesson planning template that extracts the key considerations for tech integration in PhysED
  7. Plus much more

Wondering if this webinar is for you? If you are a Physical Education Teacher of students at any age level and you’re looking to implement technologies in your PE Program and unsure where to start – then this is for you ”

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