Empowering Students to Lead Warm Ups

Over the last few years I’ve spoken a lot about the amazing app, ‘SworkIt which randomly generates a workout based on responses to 3 questions asked of the user. It’s so simple that schools all over the globe have been using SworkIt to provide students with a self directed approach to completing a warm up, which you can read about here.

While this student led approach works well in situations with access to multiple devices, I often get asked about how to use SworkIt when you may only have access to one device. So with this in mind, I created a short cartoon which highlights the opportunity SworkIt & one device can provide students in your PE Class to lead the warm or exercise session.

The story centres around a student who is asked by their PE Teacher to lead the class warm up. Follow along below.

As you can see the student’s initial hesitation was met with a supportive environment setup by the teacher which involved using SworkIt as a guide that the student could follow along with.  Over time the teacher could change the lead students or utilise the time to assess the students.

As the students capacity and confidence grows the app could be removed leading students with the sole responsibility for the warm up.

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