The Sports Education Model Webinar

Over the years teaching Physical Education, I have had some of my all-time favourite lessons utilising the Sports Education Model.

For those unfamiliar the model seeks to provide an authentic means for students to engage in Physical Education by reflecting the practices of social competitions outside of a school context while also working toward building a more student centred learning environment. Success using this model is achieved by giving teachers an opportunity to take a step back from the traditional ‘direct instruction’ method ultimately enabling students to guide their own learning with their peers.

These values are sought through team affiliation, festivity, responsibility, formal competition, competitiveness, reward and fun. To achieve this, the model drives students to take on roles & responsibilities that are outside the traditional boundaries of physical education. These roles can vary depending on a school’s resources, however, include anything from; umpiring, coaching, timekeeping, scoring, media teams, statisticians and much more.

With this in mind, along with my ever increasing interest, I have prepared a 60-minute FREE webinar focusing on the how you can introduce the Sports Education Model in your PE Classroom and then take it to the next level with technology.

So what does the webinar include?

  • What the Sports Education Model is and why you need to introduce it in your PE program
  • Why teachers have been using the model for years to empower students
  • How teachers can leverage a student-focused unit to achieve more with their time
  • The simple to follow structure that I use and the resources you can use to do the same
  • What you’re missing out on if you’re not using emerging technologies in a Sports Education unit
  • How to utilise simple and free technologies in all aspects of a Sports Education unit
  • How to enhance the realism of student specific roles with emerging technologies
  • Simple advice for ensuring a successful rollout in your Physical Education program
  • What you MUST not do when using technology in your classes

Best of all, its 100% FREE and available NOW. All those who complete the FULL webinar will also receive a personalized certificate for their attendance.

Wondering if this webinar is for you? If you are a Physical Education Teacher of students at any age level and you want to learn how to introduce the Sports Education model in your classroom and take it to the next level with tech. Then this is for you”

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