Solving Major Headaches with CareMonkey

It’s no secret,  PE teachers are often inundated by the mountain of paperwork that often get in the way of the actual things that matter. These can include things like collecting medical and emergency details of all students who participate in your programs via paper-based forms, which often don’t make their way home to parents. It’s just a complete nightmare which detracts from the overall experience. There has to be an easier way…

Luckily, there is a better way to make sure you are well prepared for any medical emergency! So what is the is it?

CareMonkey provides schools with a solution that automates the whole process of collecting medical and emergency details, and helps parents to keep those details up to date. The award-winning app makes the details instantly available to authorised staff members on their mobile devices at all times.

This means that as a PE teacher, you will no longer need to carry around any paper forms, as all the details of the students in your care will be available on your smartphone, even in areas with limited mobile coverage. You’ll be well prepared as you’ll be able to securely access information such as emergency contacts, asthma plans, care instructions, allergies and medical contacts in an instant.

You’ll never have to send out paper forms to parents ever again: just create an eForm, and parents can respond immediately. The CareMonkey mobile app even allows you to easily communicate with parents with the ability to broadcast messages via email or SMS. It’s a complete game changer.

See the app in action below and If you’d like to learn more, visit

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