What PhysEd Conferences Get Wrong!

During the 8 years that the PE Geek website has been in operation, I have been fortunate to present at and attend numerous physical education conferences all over the globe. While these conferences have been great for meeting other physical education teachers, they seem to get one important element fundamental wrong…..

Professional Development.

Yes, you heard me correctly. Most Physical Education conferences get professional development, their core premise completely wrong. This comes down to the fact that most conferences are flash-in-the-pan professional development experiences that come and go so fast, that sustained long-term professional growth is really hard to achieve.

This is rooted on the fact that most conferences are concentrated on two days, having virtually zero support in the lead-up and follow-up to the event. The net result is that you leave a conference feeling extremely excited and enthused about what you’ve learnt, however, on return to school, you quickly shift back to normality resulting in little professional growth.

It’s proof that the traditional conference model is completely flawed.

This is why in 2016, I’ve made it my mission to create a Physical Education Conference like NO other.  


Introducing ConnectedPE

ConnectedPE is a new type of Physical Education conference, one that focuses on supporting your professional development not just on the days of the LIVE event, but also in the lead-up and follow-up to the event. It’s a long-term professional development experience, helping you achieve growth in areas relevant to you. 

The two-day LIVE conference will take place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on October 7th & 8th of 2016. Each day will be made up of engaging keynote presentations, extended masterclass sessions & dynamic presentations covering all areas of Physical Education. The ConnectedPE Conference will also feature the world’s leading Physical Education specialists covering all facets of the Physical Education discipline.

I’m also super excited to be bringing you a collection of the world’s leading Physical Education specialists, covering all facets of the Physical Education discipline.

Keynote & Masterclass Speakers Include

Andy Vasily

Nathan Horne

Dr Dean Dudley

Naomi Hartl

Masterclass Leaders Include

Dale Sidebottom

Adam Llevo

Mel Hamada

Jarrod Robinson

ConnectedPE is guaranteed to be an event that is not to be missed. Click the button below to learn more and register for the conference that intends to re-write the concept of professional development once and for all.

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Wish you could attend ConnectedPE but cannot make it to Dubai? Them you will love the ConnectedPE community which you can access online and from any device as all of the sessions from the LIVE conference will be recorded and made available to those inside. Get access to the community here

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