The 8 Best Phys Ed Apps

I often get asked about my favorite apps for the PE Classroom. It’s a difficult question to answer, however, the 8 apps below regularly end up in my suggestions.

  •  Balance It – A Task Card Resource for PE Teachers. A simple and powerful way to provide students with visual prompts and cues designed to help them develop Gymnastic skills.  Featuring over 60 hand drawn images designed to get your students moving. It’s been incredibly amazing to see the sheer volume of teachers and students using this app in the classrooms. Read more about it here

  • BaM Video Delay – The most exceptional video feedback app I have seen on an iOS device. With this app, you can simultaneously record and display delayed video. This means that a PE Teacher can have the app pointed towards any sort of discrete skill and after the skill has been completed the performer has adequate time to return to the screen to see their skill in action. See exactly how I use the app here.


  • Hudl Technique – The app formerly known as Ubersense enables you to use your iPhone, iTouch or iPad camera to record and break down your technique for instant feedback during a practice, race or game. Analyze your students action in super slow motion, compare your performance side-by-side to a pro’s or focus frame by frame. Watch a series of video tutorials here
  •  SworkIt – An absolute must download. With SworkIt, students get dynamically created video routines from 5 to 60 minutes. They set the time! The digital trainer then creates the program to fit your schedule. It’s a great app for independent warm-ups and workouts. See exactly how I use the app here


  • Video Tagger – Video Tagger is a unique and powerful video analysis and assessment tool that makes it possible to capture and tag sports performance. Perfect for producing highlight videos of student performance. You can read more about how exactly I use the app here
  • FIT Radio – Music is one of the most powerful tools in the PE Classroom, and with this app you have access to an endless stream of high-energy music designed to motivate. FIT Radio lets you start pumping nonstop and original mixes. Just press play and get moving.
  • Seesaw – Seesaw is a student-driven digital portfolio that empowers students of all ages to independently document and share what they are learning at school.  If you’re looking to share the learning process with parents, students then this is an absolute must have.
  • Team Shake – A simple app for randomly deciding teams in your classes. A clean but powerful interface enables you to quickly add class lists and sort out random teams in a flash.


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