The 7 Day PE App Giveaway

See below for a list of the apps available for FREE during the 7-day app giveaway. Sign up to receive email reminders each day to ensure you don’t miss out!

Each day we will send you a reminder at 9.00am in your timezone to ensure you get a chance to download the app while it’s FREE on the app store.
However, you will need to act quick as the apps are only FREE for that specific day. Once gone, they’re gone.

Day 1 – December 14th – Balance It

Day 2 – December 15th – Jump It HD

Day 3 – December 16th – PE Games

Day 4 – December 17th – Run Lap Tap HD

Day 5 – December 18th – Video Tagger

Day 6 – December 19th – Stretch It HD

Day 7 – December 20th – Easy Portfolio



Along with the links to the FREE apps, we will also send you resources, video tutorials and other relevant links to ensure that you get the maximum value from the apps. We hope you enjoy!

1 thought on “The 7 Day PE App Giveaway”

  1. The Stretch It app is not set as free on the App Store when I went to get it on the 19th (today). I also missed balance it and jump it earlier in the week. Any chance I can get those for free, still?

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