Webinar: Take Your Sports Meets To The Next Level

As part of my first Physical Education Job at Boort District School (The Job I Still Have), I was also responsible for organizing and managing the school’s sports program. This included the annual swimming, track & field and cross country meets, which always proved to be massive undertakings. Not only did we have to arrange the students into events,  but being a true country school, we had to get by with limited resources.

One of the most obvious examples of this involved the yearly marking of the schools largest grassed area into a 300m Athletics track complete with lanes, relay exchange stations and more. Not only did this process always seem to happen in the brutal heat, but it involved me dusting out some rusty Pythagoras equations to ensure our track was nothing short of perfection.

Even though the above jobs were time-consuming and stressful, they were truly nothing in comparison to the horrendous software system that our school [and virtually all others] used to manage the carnivals. It was nothing short of terrible.  It resulted in hours of mind numbing work that often had to be re-completed after a some sort of software fail.  It was the only part of the process I simply couldn’t stand.  I had to build something better.

Years passed and I kept thinking about ways in which I would build it and make the process easier for all involved. Eventually, enough was enough and It had to happen. It was time to build Sports Tracker.



What’s Sports Tracker?

Sports Tracker is a modern tool for today’s mobile connected world, that enables you to easily setup and organize sports events for your school or district. Sports Tracker will revolutionize how teachers set up & coordinate Track & Field, Swimming or Cross Country Events.


Wondering if Sports Tracker will work in your school?

If you are a Physical Education or Sports Teacher organizing sports events for your school. Then this is for you! Jump on the FREE 30 Minute School Webinar to see how it all works.

In the FREE Webinar You’ll Learn

  • How Sports Tracker was designed exclusively for schools
  • How cloud-based software means no headaches for you
  • How you can easily manage meets with your entire school of dozens of event types
  • How to embrace the mobile age and make your events purely paperless
  • How to record student personal bests and reward personal achievement
  • How to take your meet to the next level with real-time scoring and results
  • Plus much more

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