Top Apps for PE Teachers – Part 41

Not a month goes on without the release of a series of mobile applications, that meet one of my 3 required essentials.

  1. The Mobile Application helps me engage my students or improve opportunities for their learning
  2. The Mobile Application helps me improve my teacher organization, efficiency & effectiveness
  3. The Mobile Application helps me learn or improve my understanding via connection & development

Gif Toaster – A few months ago, I blogged about how I had been using Animated GIF’s to assist with skill demonstrations. So I was very pleased to discover the GifToaster application which enables you to swiftly turn any video you’ve recorded into an animated looping image. Once recorded, you can one click share these to your camera roll or other applications on your device. Here’s an example of a GIF made using the app

Photo 6-07-2015 10 53 11 am
Decide Now – A super simple application, similar to my ‘Spin It‘ App. Simply place in your list of choices, and spin the wheel to have it randomly select an option for you. A fun and spontaneous way to randomly pick anything from students to exercises in your PE Classroom.

ReplayCam – A super powerful app that is similar to  ‘BaM Video Delay’ however with some included features that take it in a completely different direction. ReplayCam enables you to play back up to 60 seconds of whatever you’ve just filmed while you continue to film. Use it a PE setting to enable students to review their discrete or closed skills during practice.

ReplayCam also includes a replay mode, where you can select clips for looped playback (shown above). Best of all you can even save the looped or time shifted videos to your camera roll by pressing the record button during playback. This app is a MUST Have, and also comes with a free LITE version.

Download GIF Toaster Tutorial

Have an app that I should share on the next top apps for PE Teachers series? Then leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to take a look. Check out the other top app lists here or grab the PE Apps App for a great one-stop collection of the best PE apps.

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