The Android Apps in PE Webinar

Lately, I have been receiving more and more emails from PE Teachers, who are looking for PE-related apps that they can install on their Android phones or Tablets. With that being said, I have begun to dedicate more of my time towards researching and creating content to support teachers in this space. Along with our my own development, there is an ever increasing amount of apps being made available (even exclusively) for the the Android platform. This influx echoes the fact that Android is truly the worlds largest mobile operating system, with a user base far greater than those on the iPhone and iPad. With this in mind, along with my ever increasing interest in the space, I have prepared a 60-minute FREE webinar focusing on the best Android apps for PE Teachers. So what does the webinar include?

  • How to give instant video feedback
  • Video Analysis & Assessment Tools
  • Resources for conducting and recording fitness tests
  • How to teach anatomy & physiology concepts with your Android device
  • Game changing assessment tools
  • Teacher organization and collaboration  tools that make your life easier
  • How to create student portfolios and ongoing assessment
  • Must have Android Accessories that take things to the next level
  • Plus many more..

Best of all, its 100% FREE and available NOW. All those who complete the FULL webinar will also receive a personalized certificate for their attendance.

Wondering if this webinar is for you? If you are a Physical Education Teacher of students at any age level and you want to learn how to effectively use an Android Device in PE. Then this is for you



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