Student Led Game Setup Part 2

Last year I completed a blog post called ‘Student Led Game Setup‘, in which I showcased exactly how I had been utilising the app ‘CoachNote‘. The app centres heavily in the first few minutes of many of my classes and enables me the opportunity to observe students working collaboratively.

This enthusiasm has grown over recent years where I have made a conscious effort to build in opportunities for students to develop a wide variety of skills and attributes within my lessons. This has resulted in once simple tasks being re-thought to provide students with opportunities to be more independent learners, reducing my role and seeking to increase their personal and interpersonal communication.

See exactly how I make this possible in episode 4 of The PE Geek TV below

The thing I love about this simple lesson starting activity is that it opens up an entirely new realm of situations in which students can work together and grow. It also presents an incredible opportunity for me to witness firsthand examples of teamwork, problem-solving, brainstorming and conflict resolution.


Download Tutorial Video


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