Energize It

Let’s face it music plays an enormous part of our lives, and this certainly translates to the Physical Education classroom. Studies have proven time and time again that music and mood are inherently linked. With Scientists continuing to uncover how these influences occur at a neurological level.

Studies prove that the music we listen to engages a wide range of neurobiological systems that affect our psychology, which in turn impacts on our emotional wellbeing, motivation and more.  Studies have also explored how a repetitive beat, such as that in a musical rhythm, synchronizes brain waves in ways that may be particularly helpful in coupling what you hear with how you move. Both of these elements combine to present a strong case for utilizing music in your program.

However even with this in mind I often get asked for music suggestions that are appropriate for children of all ages, without suggestive themes and exempt from copyright issues. While there is a growing list of options in this space, from apps such as Fit Radio, Spotify and Pandora,  I got thinking about turning my attention to the problem and producing music for PE Teachers.

So with this in mind, I’m introducing ‘Energize It’, a 100% FREE podcast that is centered around workout, cool down & motivational music designed for PE Teachers. Each track is designed with rotations, and station activities in mind, and is lyric free making it an easy choice for teachers conscious of inappropriate content. The best part about them is that you can download and do whatever you want with the tracks, as they’re licensed under a creative commons license.

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