Top Apps for PE Teachers – Part 40


An incredible app by the developers of the successful iMuscle, Essential Skeleton & iYoga Apps. One of the features that makes this app unique is the fact that the animations have been captured via motion tracking technology. What results is a seriously fluid animation that helps you clearly see the actions required. The app includes 225 individual dance animations w/detailed instructions on footwork, movement/direction, timing/rhythm, torso/hip action and arm movements.

However, the best feature by far, is the ability to piece together your own seamless dance routine combining all of the individual elements into something unique.


Peloton Cycle

Finally, a quality indoor cycling & spin class app has hit the stores, making it possible for you to stream live and on-demand Peloton indoor cycling rides to your iPad. Simply start by selecting your trainer, the duration of your workout and you’re ready to go.  You can then attach your iPad to any stationary bike and plug in a pair of headphones before launching a ride of your choice OR stream rides from your iPad to Apple TV using AirPlay. In a PE class, this could be used to take students through a high energy workout on your school’s exercise bikes.

Smiling Mind

I absolutely love exploring how Mindfulness can be introduced into students lives. More recently I dedicated an entire podcast episode to how exactly I’ve sought to explore this with my own students. Essentially, Smiling Mind is meditation made easy. “A simple tool that helps put a smile on your mind anytime, anywhere and everyday”.


Rather than focusing on complexity, the Extimer App is the simplest & flexible timer apps I’ve ever used. This makes the app usable in any type of interval based training–including boxing, circuit, couch to 5k, HIIT, MMA, sprint, and Tabata. A PE Teacher will find it useful for organising group rotations and so much more.

Have an app that I should share on the next top apps for PE Teachers series? Then leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to take a look. Check out the other top app lists here or grab the PE Apps App for a great one-stop collection of the best PE apps.


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