Top Apps for PE Teachers – Part 39

So what is the criteria I use to determine if an app is worthy or not to be added to the Top Apps for PE Teachers series? Well essentially I wont blog about it, regardless of how popular it seems to be, unless I think it meets these basic criteria.

1. A Useful PE Teacher Resource

2. Improves Teacher Learning or Efficiency

3. Works to Improve Student Learning or Engagement

The other important criteria I consider is
my own experience with the app, whether that be in the classroom or as part of the PE Geek Workshops. So with that in mind, here are the recent additions to the most popular blog series I’ve ever done.

C-Fit Cross Training

A really cool resource for PE Teachers thats also Created by teachers. C-Fit XTrain engages children with lively graphics and original music, exploring proper technique of classic exercises moves like push-ups, jumping jacks, squats, lunges and many more! The app also uses vocabulary words, which are written on screen to help children learn new words.



Workout in a Bag Kids

Workout in a Bag for Kids is a a fun and challenging workout game specifically designed for kids! The app revolves around the concept of making exercise fun and rewarding. The app also employs gamification which works to motivate students like now other. Receive Gold Coins when you complete a bag, unlock Special Badges and also unlock new Workout Buddies along the way. The app comes highly recommended


I discovered this app while looking for advanced Yoga Apps for my senior students. The app centres around combining the use of storytelling and physical activity into a fun adventure that younger students will love. As you launch the app you need to select a story, which then leads you down a path where children can imitate, feel and experiment with different poses in an interactive, fun and imaginative way. See it in action

Have an app that I should share on the next top apps for PE Teachers series? Then leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to take a look. Check out the other top app lists here or grab the PE Apps App for a great one stop collection of the best PE apps.

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