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One of the very first educational technology tools I ever used in my classroom was screen recording software. It was 2008 and it required me to download and install expensive software, which eventually let me record my screen activity and voice to a video. This video enabled me to record me teaching and make this available to students in my class and is still available online here.

Besides from find the video above being seriously funny, its worth mentioning that it was not only extremely difficult to complete the recording, but sharing it was also a cumbersome process.

Flash forward to today and while technology for screen recording has progressed, it is still somewhat of a challenge to integrate and use successfully in the classroom environment.

Until NOW… But I need you help.

Introducing Screencastly

A game changing screencasting solution designed exclusively for schools, teachers, students and the flipped classroom. The best part about Screencastly is that its software free meaning that you don’t need to install any plugins or complicated applications. Simply open Google Chrome and get recording. You’re always up to date and ready for action!

Screencastly is the worlds first complete end-to-end solution for recording, sharing and assessing student and teacher made screen recordings. Once setup your students receive an individual login which enables them to record and save screen recordings automagically.

Why Did We Build This?

To be honest it was sort of an accident following the development of www.vidalyze.com,  in which we were needed to build a screen recording tool for one of the most important features. After building it, it dawned on us that this was the worlds first plugin free recording tool and as such was TOO good not to release as its very own tool.

The power of Screencastly is its ability to alleviate administrative nightmares by enabling students to easily record and submit screencasts automagically. Once students have recorded, teachers receive an email and can login to review and assess student learning. This also works in reverse with Teachers able to also record their own screencasts and share these with one click to individual students, specific classes or the entire school. The perfect addition to any flipped classroom.

Screencastly - Extension 2

So Why Screen Cast?

Screen casting is a powerful way for students in all subject areas to become content creators. With one click students can record their screen while providing an audio commentary. This enables them to instantly produce a powerful multimodal work piece that showcases and highlights their learning.

Screencastly also connects with the various cloud based storage tools such as Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. Instantly import and export videos to and from your favourite websites with a click.

So how exactly do I need your help?

Introducing The PE Geek Projects, a sub section of my blog which is all about bringing projects to life, with the assistance and input of you, the readers.

This exciting model, enables potential users, such as yourself the real opportunity to help shape what the product becomes. Once you pre-purchase Screencastly, you become a backer and part of a limited exclusive community working together to build something of tremendous value for others just like you.

Your contribution is also rewarded with, exclusive early access to test and suggest features as well as providing lifetime FREE access for your entire school. This is massive.

If this all sounds interesting, you can read more about Screencastly and how its going to revolutionise screen casting at the following webpage.

If you want to help out then you can reserve your spot below. Act quick as pre-purchase spots are seriously limited.

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