Top Apps for PE Teachers – Part 37


Music is one of the most powerful tools in the PE Classroom, and with this app you have access to an endless stream of high energy music designed to motivate. Fitradio lets you start pumping nonstop and original mixes of Top 40, Hip Hop, Rock, House, Indie, Dub Step many and more direct to your class in a matter of seconds. Just press play and get moving.

Easy Planner

After two years of planing and development, my award winning Easy Planner app has finally been released. Essentially Easy Planner is a powerful lesson planning tool for the modern day teacher. Designed to work on any device with an internet connection. Plan all of your classes with ease with an intuitive interface designed to make lesson planning quick and efficient. Its also FREE.

With Easy Planner you can import resources from various cloud based services such as Dropbox, Google Drive & OneDrive. You can also easily import URL’s, photos, videos and much much more. You can also add preparation tasks and various homework activities direct to the app. However the best feature of all is the ability to access and plan your lessons via the app or the website. Your lesson plans magically sync between any device you use enabling you to experience the ultimate level of efficiency. Also available on Android.

Dungeon Runner – Fitness Quest

Turn your home workout into an old-school dungeon battle with Dungeon Runner’s innovative motion-tracking gameplay. This is guaranteed addition as a brain break in all upcoming PE Geek Workshops 

Work It HD

Work It HD, the 4th app in my ‘It’ series of Apps is a Task Card & Video Resource for PE Teachers. A simple and powerful way to provide students with visual prompts and cues designed to take students through a circuit training session. Work It also includes a variety of indexed workout and fitness videos from for easy use within the classroom. The app is the perfect way to introduce students to the self directed approach of Task Card based learning.

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