Easy First Aid – Record Keeping & Recording Tool

As Teachers we’re constantly responsible for groups of Students in all sorts of situations, this goes with the territory. However as we all know accidents can happen, and regardless of whether they’re minor or major accurate record keeping is essential. 

So after refreshing my First Aid Qualifications in 2013, I began thinking about how the recording process could be vastly improved for the mobile age. Could a tool be made to that would always be with you? Could it include powerful reporting features? How about video and photo evidence? So with this in mind I set out to make it happen. Introducing Easy First Aid.

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 12.07.57 PM

Easy First Aid is a powerful First Aid Record Keeping and Treatment Tool. A truly mobile and powerful way to capture and record incident details and subsequent treatment. Never again will you need to keep extensive and confusing paperwork. See how the app works in the video below;



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  1. Hey, My name is Corey Waldon and I am a students at the University of South Alabama. I am assigned to comment on your post for the summer. First off as a future PE teacher I think you post are great tools to educate a young teacher. You bring in new ideas and details that could be used in physical education. I believe this app is a great tool and could be of great use inside a PE classroom. Thanks for you knowledge.

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