The 500th Member of The PE Geek Blog

During 2013 I launched an exclusive membership section of The PE Geek Blog; which I’m proud to say has now grown to over 500 active members. The idea behind the membership section was to provide people with even more content than what I would normally post. The icing on the cake was to also provide access to two FREE apps a month, all my eBook downloads, exclusive access to my other products (Active Globe and Easy Planner) and discounted attendance at workshops and webinars around the globe.

All in all the members section has gone on to exceed my wildest expectations, and as a result I’m constantly motivated towards bringing new and exciting features to all. Take a look inside the members centre in the video below to see whats over 500 people currently get access to;

Become a Lifetime Member Today

If you belong to a school, organization or other team of people then feel free to ask for an invoice. Simply contact Jarrod to find out more.

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