PE, Literacy & The Arts

So what do you get when you mix Physical Education with Literacy and the Arts? You get ‘Active Kids Coloring’, my new FREE iPhone & iPad designed purely to get young kids moving. Keep active and healthy while coloring in 36 beautiful pages. Each page consists of an Active Animal that encourages children to get moving in a variety of fun and interesting ways. The app also helps teach fundamental literacy skills and mixes these with art and drawing for hours of fun children will love.



See the app in action below or Download it now for FREE by clicking the available on the App Store Badge. Enjoy.




2 thoughts on “PE, Literacy & The Arts”

  1. Hello Mr. Robinson,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog. This is a wonderful app for all young children. I feel like this app will really help promote positive things towards young students about being very aware of their health and fitness.

  2. Hello Coach Robinson, my name is William Taylor, I am a physical education major at the University of South Alabama. This semester I am enrolled in EDM310 and one of our assignments is to post a comment on an assigned teacher’s blog. I was assigned to your blog first and I will be summarizing my visits to my own blog by February 9. Here is a link to my blog:

    Let me begin by saying I am very intrigued by your blog post. I believe it’s so important for students to stay active after school and I think this allows students that opportunity. This app allows students to stay active, but also improves their art and literacy skills. I also like how the app uses animals to encourage students to stay active. Through observation I have noticed students love animals and love activities and assignments that include animals. I believe as a teacher, it’s important for our students to express their creativity as well as their own knowledge, skills, values, and opinions. I believe as teachers, we chose this profession because we are passionate about educating and inspiring the youth of today to live active and healthy lives. I enjoyed this blog post and I will be sure to save it and share with my students.

    Thanks. William.

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