The PE Geek Membership

In the last few months I have been busy making small but major improvements to the The PE Geek blog. These include a cleaner and more simplistic navigation, increased graphic quality and most importantly a higher level of actionable content. I am also busy rebuilding the entire site to make it more mobile friendly, which I cannot wait to get out to you all….It’s looking brilliant.

As part of these improvements, I have also recently introduced a premium members only area. You can now take advantage of the once-off-lifetime membership rate. See below for the many benefits, an immediate value of well over $100. You also receive access to FREE apps monthly and all future eBooks and digital resources. Not to mention a swag of exclusive products and content. Sign up here for immediate access.


If you belong to a school, organization or other team of people then feel free to ask for an invoice. Simply respond contact Jarrod to find out more.

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