Autocrat & Personalized Fitness Test Reports

Since attending the Google Teacher Academy in May this year, I have been interested in the incredible power of the amazing Google Scripts. To put it simply scripts allow the automation of a variety of tasks within the Google Environment. From Google Docs, to spreadsheets and site creation there is virtually an automated solution to everything your trying to do.

In recent weeks however, I have been playing with one in particular known as “Autocrat“. This simple script makes it possible to automatically merge a masse of data from a Google Spreadsheet into a document, essentially creating individualized versions. One of the immediate ways I see potential for the script straight away is its inclusion in a fitness tests unit, where a teacher would be producing individual documents that contain students personal results.

Watch the video below to see exactly how Autocrat can be used in this situation to take your productivity to a whole new dimension.  It truly is an amazing tool.




So how else can you use it? Click the following link and fill in the form to see another Autocrat PE Example. It’s bound to impress.



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