Top Apps for PE Teachers – Part 29

Workout Producer

Put your students in the directors chair of their very own workout video, with this innovative iPad App. Start by piecing together your desired workout routine using the list of inbuilt activities. Once complete the app guides you through the recording of a 20 second demonstration of each activity. After completing all the workout demonstrations, the app pieces these together into a fully featured workout video. An absolutely superb student led app that results in a product your students will love. Why not use it to prepare individualised class workouts, with the students leading the action. See the app in action in the video below.

Zumba Dance

Get your students moving with Zumba Dance a motion controlled exergaming app bound to engage those of all ages. Simply place your iPad on a stable surface and your ready to go. In a classroom context this app works perfectly when connected to a projector or Apple TV enabling you to share the activity with all. Have one student control the game while the rest follow the actions of the instructor on the screen. Swap over week to week or at designated points throughout the activity.  See me Zumba in the video below.




SnappyCam is like having a super high speed camera in your pocket. It essentially enables you to capture thousands of photos per minute enabling you capture the exact moment of interest. Use this app within your PE Classroom as a means of capturing the best frame by frame footage you will ever come across. Perfect for use with the teaching of any type of discrete skill. SnappyCam is incredibly easy to use and customise to your needs. A must have app that will prove incredibly useful in endless contexts. See it in action in the video below.

Azul Media Player

Easily use Azul media player to download YouTube videos or other online content so that you can access the media without an internet connection.  The app even allows you to easily create your own playlists of videos for an increased level of organisation. See how easy the app is to use in the video below.

7-Minute Workout

The 7-minute workout app has been a proven success in my junior PE Classes as an instant/warm up activity at the start of my practical sessions. Simply connect your iPad to a projector or Apple TV and share with the group. As students make their way into the gymnasium they can be instantly engaged in physical activity while you take the session attendance etc. There is also a high level of mystique associated with the “7 minute” workout? Why is it 7 minutes?



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