24/7 Activity Tracking with the Fitbit Flex

Early this month I purchased the long awaited Fitbit Flex , which is a super impressive wireless sleep and activity tracker. The slim & stylish device is intended to be worn 24/7 and it most certainly has not left my wrist since it was setup on July 1st. During the day, it tracks my steps, cumulative distance, and calories burned. At night, it works to track my sleep quality and has become a replacement to my usual alarm clock, waking me via a silent vibration.

At any stage throughout the day I can check the Fitbit mobile app or login to www.fitbit.com to check how I am progressing towards my daily, weekly and long term goals.  The following data highlights the sort of information I receive throughout the day.Screen Shot 2013-07-28 at 7.15.36 PMAll of this data is gathered effortless via the Fitbit Flex and sent wirelessly to my mobile device. With this data its become incredibly easy to make changes to all facets of my day. The biggest focus has been given towards minimising my sedentary time outside of the 2 and half hour daily commute.  However one of the biggest areas of improvement for me since using the Fitbit has come in the form of the ability to track and identify my sleep patterns. Given the device has a tiny accelerometer contained inside, it is able to track even the smallest movements. It uses this to identify the sleep phases. Light Sleep = movement, Deep Sleep = No movement. As you can tell from the graph above, my sleep included great amounts of deep restorative sleep which I have identified over time to occur with a consistent bed time of 10.45pm. I’m also excited by the ability to compete with friends for the most daily steps. So come join me and a few others as we compete for activity supremacy.

You can purchase a Fitbit Flex here

As a result of my success with the Fitbit, I am very eager to make use of it within my senior Physical Education classroom, helping students to keep track of, and understand their physical activity. It will allow them to accurately determine whether or not they meet the National Physical Activity & Sedentary guidelines.

With this in mind, I’m excited to be giving away a Fitbit Flex to one lucky person. See the image below for details. Good luck.

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