Top Apps for PE Teachers – Part 26


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SwipeStats gives students and teachers the ability to capture live tracking data about actions and events in sport. This can be used to provide statistical information that can lead to a wide variety of improvements. The app also encourages young people to participate within a wide variety of other roles around sport to actively engage in activity even if they are not participating. Users can observe a match and capture actions including, number of passes complete, success rate of tackles and other custom actions.  A superb FREE app that is a must download.

Balance It

Balance It is an app comprised of over 60 drawings designed to develop students skills within a wide variety of individual and group balances. The Balances increase in difficulty throughout the app, allowing students to progress at their own pace. After students have replicated a Balance they have the ability to take a photo as evidence and compare it against everyone else who has completed that Balance around the globe. Also available as an eBook Resource for Printing 

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Jade of Spades

An excellent workout generator with a twist that randomises the exercise process ensuring that you will never know what you are about to do. Simply select a workout which is represented as a deck of cards and begin. Once you complete the card, swipe to the right to receive another. Work your way through either a “Half Deck” or “Full Deck” completing the activities as fast as possible.

Cricket Pro

A mobile resource for Cricket Coach’s and PE Teachers that includes over 60 games and activities and drills for teaching Cricket skills and concepts. Have students use it to run peer coach’s and run their own activities

PE Shake

Another brilliant resource by @dalesidebottom. This simple app contains over 100 warm up games and activities. Simply shake the app and you will be presented with a random game to complete. Also available for Android Users


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4 thoughts on “Top Apps for PE Teachers – Part 26”

  1. Hello my name is Jamie I am a student at the University of South Alabama and im in EDM310 class, which is for students who want to become teachers. It helps students become familiar with using technology. I enjoyed your post very much. I coach high school softball and will be using the Swipestats app to keep up with my players statistical information. I will also be posting a review of this post on my blog at [email protected].

  2. Thank you from a relatively new PE teacher. I have been wanting to incorporate some new things into my classes as well as have a tool that I can use for evaluation and assessment that does not require me to remember the actions of approximately 90 children in the course of 2 hours. I have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy reading the info you post!!!

  3. Hey Mr. Robinson,
    My name is Corey Waldon. I am a student in EDM310 t the University of South Alabama. As an assignment I am to comment on your post. First off I think you have some great apps you use in PE. My favorite app is the PE shake app. I think it is very creative. Keep up the great work.

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