The Half A Million Visitors Prize Giveway

When I started this blogging journey back in September of 2008, I had no idea that I would still be here almost 6 years later. I would also be underestimating by suggesting that it is by far the most rewarding thing I have ever done.

It all started with my desire to learn more about blogging so I could possibly use it within one of my classes. As a result, I setup this blog and made my first post to get the feel for how it all worked. Within a week of my initial post with motivation somewhat fading, I had received my first comment.

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At the time this was incredibly motivating and led me to write my second and third posts within quick succession. However on closer inspection of my first blog post a few years later, It was strikingly obvious that my first initial comment and the subsequent inspiration to continue blogging was indeed nothing more than Spam. Looking back now this comment was without a doubt life changing and its almost hard to imagine that my blog, for which I now pour countless hours into and draw tremendous pride from may have found its way to the corners of the web never to be viewed again. It’s certainly funny how things turn out.

500,000 visitors later and an incredible amount of changes have taken place within the Physical Education classroom. Technology has shown over and over again that it continues to make the once impossible possible and I’m forever energised by exploring the connection this has to learning outcomes.

To thank you all for being part of the journey  and putting up with my ramblings, I will be giving away an iPod Touch. To enter, leave a comment in the comments section below. The prize will be drawn on the 4th of July, two weeks from now.



Good Luck and I look forward to bringing you plenty of new ideas in future blog posts.


61 thoughts on “The Half A Million Visitors Prize Giveway”

  1. Brenna Baringer

    My teachers and I have surely enjoyed your blogs. You inspired me to post a technology tip every Monday to teachers at more than 200 schools that I support in my position as resource teacher for Physical Education, Health and Athletics. One thing has led to another and we now use Edmodo, Google Forms and today I went to a training on My Big Campus that I will incorporate in the fall. On the path to increasing student learning in physical education, we have increased the collaboration among our teachers at schools who often work in isolation from other physical educators. Bravo, to you, Mr. Robbo for your inspiration across continents!!!!

  2. Thank you for all of the PE apps! I have downloaded 4 of them and use them in my classes on a regular basis. Keep all the new ideas coming as I look forward to making PE more innovative for my students!

  3. Jarrod, I love your honesty in this journey and appreciate how much you have added to the PE community. I have learnt a lot from you and enjoy working with you to help our students to gain from multiple brains around the World. Congrats on the visitors, that is super cool!

  4. Mr Robbo has revolutionised the PE classroom with his innovative and technological solutions. The PE curriculum is indebted to his brilliance. Keep them coming Mr Robbo.

  5. Congratulations on the 500,000th visitor – truly an outstanding achievement. I certainly look forward to receiving the blog notifications via email and always read with intent the news regarding technology in PE. As a PE/IT teacher, any hints or tips are valuable to my work in the classroom. Thanks for your continued work. I look forward to reading future posts and keeping my PE classes innovative!!! .

  6. Thank you for your inspiration and ideas! They are always fresh and applicable. I’ve downloaded some of your suggestions and love them! Keep blogging!

  7. Anthony McGuinness

    Congratulations! I’ve used info and apps from your blog regularly. It has changed they way I teach!

  8. I have enjoyed reading your posts and have learned a lot through the resources, information, and networking. Thank you for all your hard work.

  9. Great work. Wonderful integration of technology. Following you here from Canada. Keep up the great blogging!

  10. Thanks for putting the time into writing your blog – it saves everyone else in the world doing the research. We have started to use many of your apps in our PDHPE classes – love them!!!

  11. Thanks Mr. Robbo, your site has inspired many ideas in my classroom and I look forward to what the future will produce because of it. Keep up the great work.

  12. I am only starting this journey with you and at the latter part of my PDHPE career, but your ideas and support is wonderful. Keep up the great work Robbo.

  13. Well done Jarrod, I first came across you on the app store when I thought I had some amazing ideas for PE apps, then realised you had made them already!!! Thanks for inspiring and sharing with us all! Here’s to the next 500,000!

  14. Your knowledge has helped our PE department to write a proposal to receive 12 iPads for our classes and it’s looking promising. Thank you!

  15. I just stumbled across your site while planning an the school Athletics Carnival. I was looking at PE Collaborations and your link was there under resources. It’s now bookmarked as I’ve never come across such useful information for using technology and have been stumbling trying to work things out for myself for years. Thanks for sharing!!!

  16. You are an inspiration to many who want to try new things in the PE classroom. Thank you Mr Robbo!

  17. Thanks Jarrod for all your efforts, you’ve helped breathe life into PE lessons everywhere

  18. New to your blog but learning heaps and looking forward to a PD with you in 2 weeks.

  19. Janelle Tornwall

    Thank you do much for all that you do. I’m looking forward to my second year as a PE teacher thanks to your blog!

  20. Stephanie Resch

    Your ideas, posts & products are truly inspirational! I am working to evolve my teaching & you have become a part of the needed spark! I have shared your link with my colleagues as well! Thanks for continuing to share!

  21. Thank you for inspiring me to be a better Physical Educator! The ripple effect that your blog has can not possibly be measured. Keep up the good work!

  22. Thank you for all of the great tips and for being an awesome place to find amazing teaching tips/techniques! I hope I win!

  23. An inspiration for toddlers, young, middle aged, old and the elderly. Everyone can learn. You have shown us this. What a bright future for today’s children.

  24. Thank you Jarrod! I can honestly say many of the innovations we have used have come from you or something you have led us to or inspired. You are leading a revolution! Congrats, we’ll done and keep up the good work!
    Keith Murtha
    Clarion, PA , USA

  25. THank you for your innovation and motivation! You are truly inspiring!! I was in a bit of a rut, but found your blog a couple of months ago and realized there is so much more for me to embrace in the PE world in concerns with technology! Thanks!

  26. I check things out on the blog every Monday morning before the week begins for inspiration… It has never let me down and I use all the apps suggested… Love, love, love it!!!

  27. Thank you Mr Robbo and congrats! As a teacher from a distance education school your posts are invaluable and help to enhance the learning outcomes of my students.
    Well done!

  28. Hi Robbo I attended a great inservice and that’s where I found out about your blog!! I am always excited to read your latest post so that I can engage my students with the wonderful technology that is out there but often hard to find. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me !

  29. Thank you very much for your blog…it is my first experience with blogging which has also led to twitter and my ability to follow many people with an interest in the field of Physical Education.

  30. It would be half hearted to only congratulate you for 500 000 because that’s only the half of it. Congratulations and thanks a million for all that you do. Your success is our success and, most importantly, the success of our students.

  31. Thank you Mr Robbo, your apps and ideas have helped me so much this year. True inspiration.

  32. Mr. Robbo, you have inspire me to try an create my own blog and apps to use in my health and physical education classes. I recently just started my out line for next school year.I plan to use a blog and some apps to create a database for students information.

  33. Congratulations Jarrod. This is a great accomplishment. You have accomplished a great deal in a short time. I look forward to your regular review of apps that could be used in Physical Education.

  34. I am a new PE teacher and i recently found the app and I have glanced over a bit the information and I will continue to read your blogs!!!!!!!

  35. THANK YOU! I check your website and use your apps on a regular basis. When I present at conferences you are the person I recommend to follow and reference the most. I appreciate all your efforts to move physical education forward please keep it coming.

  36. Love your blog Jarrod, thanks for all of the ideas and especially enjoyed your conference too, changed the way that I look at teaching. Keep up the good work, there will always be something to post with technology constantly changing!

  37. I have really enjoyed your reviews, apps and perspective on the use of technology in PE. I have devoted my professional development to this area of study. Thank you for inspiring me!

  38. Just found you! I have noticed that you represent the intersection of technology and p.e, in a way that has never been truly valued, in my experience. I think it deserves some more attention….

  39. This has to be one of the best PE niche sites out there. I’ve shared many things from this site with my staff

  40. Count me in for your contest!!! Your perspective on the use of apps in PE classes and in every class for that matter is dead on. Thanks for taking the time to share with all of us!!!!

  41. Thank you for helping us all to make contact with other PE teachers. Your constant stream of information is helpful all the time and I personally look forward to seeing your posts. Make it great!!!

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