Top Apps for PE Teachers – Part 25

Beep Fitness Test

A sleek and simple Beep Test app that is by far the best looking Beep test app on the App Store. What seperates this app from its competitors is its number of test variations, which include the ability to choose from the beep test (UK, Canadian or Australian timings), Birtwell 40m, PACER 15m and 20m, or YOYO endurance and intermittent level 1 and 2 tests. Simply connect it to a set of external speakers and you can easily conduct the test with your students. Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 9.52.20 AM

Interchange Manager

A great little app to allow teachers & coach’s the ability to track a students or players game time statistics. Start by adding your classes or team lists, start a game and tap the students who are starting on the field. When they move to the interchange, untap their name. At any point in the game you can easily see the amount of time any player has spent on the ground, and use this data to inform your choices. It could also be used to ensure equitable decisions are made in terms of equal participation for all.

Result Tracker

Result Tracker records results so you can track progress in the activities which are important to you. It’s designed to track results for all types of sports, academic, personal fitness, child growth or just about anything you can think of. You setup the activities by choosing from a wide range of result formats. With this FREE iPad app you can easily track your classes improvement in a wide range of activities from fitness tests, or athletic and swimming events.

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 10.03.18 AM

Tennis Australia Technique & Hockey Australia 

Both of these targeted video analysis apps are built on the framework technology behind the successful Coach Series of apps by Zappasoft. These apps allow for swift side by side video analysis with an included set of reference videos and content so that you and your students can easily compare and learn. Well worth checking out.

PE Activities

A superb mobile resource for PE Teachers featuring heaps of games and activities for teachers. You can easily plan your lessons, save your favourite games and add further games to build an enormous resource. Another stellar app by @mjhamada  and her Apps For Academics series.

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