5 PE Teachers To Follow On Twitter & Why

To compliment the 14 day Twitter Challenge I blogged about a couple of months ago, I thought I would share with you 5 PE Teachers I highly recommend you follow. To thank them for there constant barrage of brilliant ideas and inspiration, I thought I would reveal them in the unique ways below


Joey Feith

The man behind www.thephysicaleductor.com and a constant driving force of innovation and best practice in Physical Education. One of the only people I have setup as a dedicated stream inside of my Hootsuite app so I don’t miss a single tweet he makes.


Nathan Horne

I love the way Nathan just gets it. His ability to innovate and create an awesome online profile in a short time has been inspiring. I thoroughly enjoy reading his work over at iPhys-Ed.com . The following picture above is an actual photo taken at the Great Pyramids in Egypt.




The dedication and level of effort Blue Jay Bridge applies within learning as much as possible and sharing it with the world is truly inspirational.The photo above is made entirely out of food related items, carefully crafted together to reveal the name.



Mel is an action taker. To put it simply, if she says she has plans for something to happen, then they will actually eventuate. Her ability to bring ideas to life and take calculated risks make her fantastic. Notable works incude her Apps for Academics development company focusing on building innovative mobile apps for Teachers.



One of the original PE Teachers on Twitter to utilise and connect via the #pegeeks hashtag. His well thought out ideas and ability to cut through the hype make him a true asset.

If your keen to get started with Twitter and connect with these and many other brilliant PE Teachers then I strongly suggest you checkout the 14day Twitter Challenge for PE Teachers.

Stay tuned for the June Edition of the 5 PE Teachers to Follow on Twitter series as I share another group of must follow educators.

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