Top Apps for PE Teachers – Part 24

Tag Games

Another fantastic PE resource app by @GraciousWolf_PE. Featuring the instructions and playing guides to over 100 tag games . The app is broken into 4 distinct categories ranging from no equipment, to 3 required items. Another exceptional feature is the ability to shake for random games and the incorporation of a stop watch inside the app. Check out the video of the app below


Great Football Coach Soccer

Ignited software have been working hard to bring out a number of brilliant iPad apps for Sports Coach’s. This the 3rd app of its kind brings team management and statistical recording to the iPad in a big way. Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 9.27.34 AM

Key Features of the app include

• team set up and pre-plan interchanges
• Player statistics and player game time monitoring
• Review and report match statistics and player performance

A superb app for the Soccer/Football Coach, looking to take team and player management to the next level. Checkout the others in the series: AFL Coach/ Netball Coach 


Adventure Walks

Treasure Hunting Meets everyday walking with this app. To put it simply, users can create or participate in adventure walks. To create your own, open the app and take to the streets stopping at interesting locations where you can design an appropriate question. Continue this process over and over to generate a fun walking adventure that others than participate within. Earn points and track your total distance.  Walking has never been so fun.


A superb Yoga app brought to you by the developers who created iMuscle. The app was produced using motion capture technology to bring the most accurate and natural movement possible.  Where the app really outshines is competition is with the female model  who allows you to see muscles in action as each pose is demonstrated. The app also features a distinctive viewing option which highlights muscles relevant to each pose as they contract and expand.  The app comes loaded with over 80 beginner poses, with options to extend the resource with in app purchases to over 200.

Use the program feature with your students and haver them design and participate within a beginner Yoga Program. The app will seamlessly take them through the entire process with timings, voice narration and better pose animations than a real person could ever provide. Checkout the video of the app in action below.



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