Discovering Useful PE Apps

With the explosion of mobile apps in recent years we have seen an enormous amount of apps reach our devices that can be used within the Physical Education classroom. However with all of this in mind, some of the best apps I have ever discovered have been as a result of random searches via the app store. As a play on this idea, I present to you a random PE App.

To discover a random PE  app you can: Scan the QR Code, Click the QR Code or visit


Upon scanning or clicking the link you will be presented with a random app that I have previously blogged about and consider to have merit and use within the PE Classroom. At the time of writing over 180 apps have been included. If you have already downloaded the app you receive,  then simply rescan or click the link to be presented with another app.

Let us know in the comments which app you discover. Happy Hunting

2 thoughts on “Discovering Useful PE Apps”

  1. Jarrod,

    I think that using app’s for physical education purposes is a great idea. I think that choosing random app activities can give a physical education class a bit of excitement. I enjoy your ideas.

    John Carpenter

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